pancakesOh how I loved me some pancakes as a child! Unfortunately my  mom wasn’t exactly the “Paula Dean” type, so for the most part the breakfast menu consisted of cold cereal or some bootlegged toaster pastry which normally was the lesser of two evils for me since I wasn’t a fan of cold breakfast. Like most children I made empty promises to myself of how “when I grew up” I would cook pancakes EVERYDAY for myself AND my children! Showing her what a “GOOD MOMMY” does for her children! The kids are now on Christmas break and this is the first time in bout’ six months they’ve had pancakes that weren’t on a stick and didn’t come in a box from the frozen breakfast section at Wally World.IMG_8267

Though the base recipe is composed mostly of several household staples the twist put on them are a beautiful collage of the holidays. Commemorating a warm and beautiful tradition for  our family and giving them their very own “when I grow up I’ll do it better” moment(s) is the best part of it all!

Berry Berry Snow Cakes.IMG_7899

Banana Santa Cakes (banana pudding pancakes).IMG_7905

Gobble Cobble Cobbler Cakes (peach cobbler pancakes).IMG_8199

With every cake-like biteIMG_8250 they’re more convinced they are eating more of a dessert than breakfast and who am I to argue with the future “better mommies” of America?????


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